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Summer Camp Summer Camp

Camp Tapico is the place to exlpore!

The sailboat sits quietly, waiting to set out on an adventure.
Sailing is only one of the many things a scout can experience at Camp Tapico. Besides the usual metalworking and swimming, Camp Tapico, which is an acronoym for Tall Pine Council hosts a variety of merit badge classes and activites that suit any intrigued scout. Camp Tapico has over 1,200 acres and surrounds the vast Grass Lake. It is located between Grayling and Kalkaska, and is the home to a varitey of wildlife. We are gearing up for this year.

We will be attending Camp Tapico's summer camp program July 11th thru the 18th. Merit badges range from Archery to Wilderness Survivial. Get your deposit in early! Although, there is always room for any scout who wishes to participate, however, if you do not have a deposit in by March 1st, your fee is increased by $ 60. So, be sure to get your deposit in!

In the past, we have taken up our troop tents, and cooking supplies. We have found, however, that if we use those that the camp supplies, it enables us to take up all the bikes and equipment for a fun-filled week!

    Camp Cost: $ 310.00
  • Tapico Fee: $240.00
  • Earyl Arrival: $20.00
  • Equipment: $10.00
  • Saturday food & Cracker Barrel: $10.00
  • Gas for hauling Troop Trailer: $10.00
  • Spending money: $10.00
  • Travel meal there: $5.00
  • Travel meal back: $5.00

View the Promtional Video by clicking here.

Merit Badge sign-up will begin April 30th at our regular troop meeting. You might want to start looking in the back of your handbook at the list of badges you might be interested in. Some merit badges are recommeneded for older scouts, while others require a swimming test. It is best to make your list, and have it ready at the meeting on the 30th. This will enable us to help you prepare for camp and show which prerequisites need to be completed before camp.

It's going to be a great year at camp!