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On My Honor

Life Rank Life Rank

As with the Star Rank, the requirements for Life Rank also empahsize the roles that the Scout Oath and Law play in your life, and the importance of service to your Scout troop and to others. By now, the Scout Oath along with the twelve points of the Scout Law should be the guidelines by which you direct your actions in your family, community, church, school, and nation.

Living by these high standards is always a personal choice and something only you can fully measure. But by now, many other people should be seeing qualities in you that make it clear you are choosing wisely.

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“Your standing as a scout does not depend so much on the skills of your hands or the badges on your merit badge sash, as on the spirit in your heart —on what your are willing to do for others, on whether you are doing your very best to live the Scout Oath and Law.”
      — Boy Scout Handbook, 6th edition, 1959